Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life


Welcome to Day 18!

How did your self portrait turn out yesterday… I’m gonna share ours with you all tonight. For some reason my iPhone has staged an uprising this morning and refuses to send any photos to my inbox. Sorry! Promise I’ll get them up though and I’m still eager to see your self portraits as well!

Last night was an interesting night. I went out to view the meteor shower on the front porch thinking I’d have a spiritual experience just me and God in the moonlight… but then I realized I was locked out of the screen door and everyone was asleep (you can’t hear much in this old house for all the trains) … basically I pulled a Bond move and broke the door knob off with my mind powers –

Well, in my mind anyway…

What actually happened was this… I was desperately trying to pull the handle open after I heard a rustle in the bushes. That’s when I realized it wasn’t locked but jammed – so I pulled harder… (gravity? what’s that?) and then flew backwards WITH door handle in hand.

Thank you God that I did NOT fall backwards off the steps and into the shrubbery. Perhaps we should have named this book Radically Red: Dare to Live the Words of Christ… Or Die Trying. 🙂 Thank you God that I was not eaten by the mutant possum that comes to dig in my trash bin outside, or a bear, or a fox, or that cat down the block that gives me the wonky eye.(Ok. It was probably a family of bunnies or something but I need to think it was a real threat so I feel smarter about FBI’ing my door in.)

Now that I’ve made you smile – that brings us to our dare today.

In my thirty minutes of being locked out in the complete dark with the possums and my wild imagination I remember thinking “Gee, go outside in a small town in the dark and you expect to be scared by the normal rustling in the bushes (we do get bears here). Instead, I see absolutely no critters and the thing that actually attacks me is my ever-loving door handle.”

I think that’s a lot like life in some loosely based ways. I think we can get so comfortable in worrying about what could be lurking in the forest that we miss the mark right in front of our nose. We don’t stop to see the obvious….

We are blessed beyond what we will ever deserve.

While today’s words aren’t exactly red words… they are mentioned countless times in the gospels of the disciples – time and time again we hear that Jesus gave thanks. So while we don’t know WHAT He said… we know He gave thanks. 


Sure… nearly falling backwards off your front porch after breaking your door might not qualify as a gift 🙂 but there are still tons to be thankful for. There are a lot of overlooked parts of our lives that need attention (just like my door handle) – the overlooked pieces are important… the parts that require the greatest gratitude.


The stitch that held up on your top blouse button during that meeting… and burst the second you got in the car. #Grace

The chocolate pudding on the baby’s face getting on the brown sofa and not the white one. God moments.

The incomprehensible knowledge that we can sit here in the midst of our trivial, our mess, our “what if” and rustling bushes… an still be unimaginably blessed. Merciful, merciful Jesus. 

There are so many things to be grateful for if we just look around and take our eyes off the problems, the possums and the “what ifs”. Instead of “what if”… look in front of you. “What has” God done for you lately? Be like Jesus today… give thanks. 


DAILY DARE: Check your door handle. 🙂 Ok… I’m kidding. Today in honor of Jesus’s grace and God’s blessings in our lives (and in remembrance of my door handle… may you rest in peace) let’s all decorate our doors with the things we are grateful for. I’m going to be using sidewalk chalk or paper and tape. You could even show gratitude symbolically with a decoration. How will you say thanks today?






3 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. You’re so funny Brooke … thanks for sharing your ‘midnight’ bush adventures with us … so, did you get to see the meteor of breathtaking beauty or was the meteor you saw the whirlwind of your imagination whilst locked outside?… so thankful the door handle doesn’t come off when we open the door to our blessed Saviour.

  2. Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud off and on all through this. Mutant possum??? I’m sure your bush adventure was at some points frightening, and I’m so glad you weren’t really locked out or in any real danger, but thanks so much for all the chuckles. Mutant possum??? Praise the Lord for this and all the tender mercies He grants to us. Hugs and blessings, Mrs. Lolberry

  3. I love the God moments examples 😉
    I went out to see the meteor shower and we had clouds. I don’t know how many more opportunities there’ll be in my lifetime! But I’ve seen elephant in Africa, prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and kissed my husband while at the top of the Eiffel Tower, & Empire State Building, so it feels like whining to bemoan the meteor thing 😉
    Is there an age limit to a Radical Life? I’m 60.

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