Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 21! 

It’s a sneak peak day… so today’s devotional and dare come straight from the book. 🙂 I’m also testing out a new feel for the verse art. I love vintage looking prints and photographs. I think I was born in the wrong era. Now on to the task at hand. 🙂


According to the Stanford School of Medicine every person in the world completely renews their skin every seven days. And every seven years? Every cell in your body will be replaced with new cells, teeming with life anew. The number seven signifies a complete renewal of who you are. Every seven days, every seven years you are renewed, reinvented . . . you are essentially a brand new person.

So many people use science as a way to try to discredit God but more and more we are learning that science actually does quite the opposite. Science links us to God in ways we could have only imagined.

In the Hebrew culture, the number seven is considered extremely holy. Maybe that is why Jesus connects more with the number 7 than with any other number in the entire Bible.

Jesus performs 7 miracles on the Sabbath.

In the book of John, 7 as well.

He lists 7 parables in Matthew 13 and the book Hebrews gives us 7 names for the coming Christ.

 And that doesn’t even begin to cover Revelation, the Old Testament or the many ways Biblical scholars use mathematic equations to come up with some pretty impressive appearances of the number 7 throughout the Bible.

Your body, at its core, is designed to be renewed. That’s some pretty amazing craftsmanship. Your innermost being is connected with Jesus on a cellular, microscopic level. You are constantly in a state of transformation!

Your body was created to be restored and your mind was designed to crave renewal. Jesus said “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Every seven days, every seven years, our bodies rejuvenate themselves. It comes without conscious effort. But rejuvenating our minds can be so much harder. Some days thinking positive thoughts comes without effort too but most of the time it takes all of our strength to muster even one.

When your mind and heart are in desperate need of renewal and struggle to keep up with your remarkable body, turn to Jesus. He is capable of renewing your circumstances and rejuvenating your heart with joy that surpasses all understanding. Yes . . . Wait patiently upon the Lord. His craftsmanship is impeccable, His heart caring and His renewal promised to all who love Him and seek His face.


***What area of your life needs renewal?***



DOUBLE DOG Daily dare:  Write down any negative thoughts you’d like to get rid of and then ask God to replace them with whatever is pure and of good report. Then, find a prayer buddy. This can be a friend, a pastor or even a perfect stranger. Make a pact to pray prayers of renewal for one another.

3 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. When would you like me to let you know what I would like you to write in my copy dear Brooke 🙂 🙂 … this post (as do all of yours) gives me great hope, especially “Your innermost being is connected with Jesus on a cellular, microscopic level.” … “And every seven years? Every cell in your body will be replaced with new cells, teeming with life anew.” Oh Lord help us (me) to comprehend how there is nothing, absolutely nothing that you do not have control over, nothing which your eye does not see, nothing that cannot be touched with Your love and healing touch, right down to our innermost being … everything that even the most intricate microscope can not even begin to see …

  2. Renewal…great post! I value discussions with my accountability partner, my dear friend since the 7th grade. I can’t wait to share your challenge with her! 🙂

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