Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 22!

Don’t give up now… we’re over half way there!

I have enjoyed hearing your stories and getting to know your hearts so much. It’s truly been a blessing. I’m still behind on my comments so please know that if you’ve dropped me a line and haven’t heard anything I’m somewhere comforting a very, very irritable Benji whose three teeth popping through are being as stubborn as all let out.

Today’s verse has always been so mystifying…

Jesus’s disciples are praising Him and basically some people are tired of them being so loud. They ask Jesus to control them, quieten them down a little. (I also can’t help but think those people would have hated to see my bunch coming. I feel bad for my neighbors sometimes. With five kids… that’s a WHOLE lotta loud!)

Here’s where it gets interested. Jesus tells them to let His disciples be because if they aren’t praising God… the stones will cry out! Imagine that… that’s how holy our Lord and Savior is, that’s how incredibly worth of praise God is – that even if we don’t praise Him – the Earth below Him will cry out!

Inanimate objects bursting forth into songs of praise,

Stones with a Hallelujah in their mouths,

The ocean beating against the shore with a mighty wail of gratitude…

How holy God must be if even the things with no soul, know that Jesus is Lord! How holy He must be that they know He gave them life and in return… they cry out.

I feel like a lot of times we do sit back and let the world silence us. Often times, it’s not because we even realize we are being silenced. We are lost in the report the doctor has given us. We are muddled by the 9-5 of it all. We are being pulled in eight directions… we feel too exhausted to be inspirational because we ourselves don’t feel inspired.

I don’t want to wake up one morning to find the stones crying out because if they do that means I’ve not done my job. I’ve not lifted my voice. I’ve not sang His praise loud enough that the ocean knew it was ok to keep on simply being the ocean and not a thousand leagues choir.

Let’s not let another day go by without silencing the stones. He is worthy of our praise and though the rocks very well could cry out at His holiness…

They shouldn’t have to.

 **** What’s your favorite form of praise?****

DAILY DARE: Praise is a very intimate and personal thing. It is different for everyone. But God loves people so much that a form of praise can be prayer for someone else. Today, show God He is worthy of your praise by not only giving Him it but also praying for a stranger. Pick someone you see today… and pray for them. Outside, at town, passing by the road, on TV… anywhere. Social media works too. You can choose to tell them or keep it anonymous. Devote yourself to three days of prayer for them.

3 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. Lovely photo and post. Oh my goodness! Somehow I’ve missed out on these 40 days posts! I’ll have to read backwards through them.

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