Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 23!

I wish I could reach through the screen and give you a real cupcake… but until I learn how to teleport this will have to do…

Though I can’t resist a good cupcake, when I think of a feast I think of a wide variety of foods. Hamburgers are far as the eye can see. Fried potatoes fresh from a bubbling pan of oil. Veggie soup from your neighbor’s garden. Pies and cakes and donuts… oh my!

It all sounds like something I would never want to miss, not even for a Golden Girls marathon … but growing up in a small town often means missing out. It means coming to terms with living in the waiting.

Maybe that’s why in the south nothing goes to waste.

Your cousin’s pants are re-crafted to look ‘feminine’. (Ah, the Jedi mind tricks they pull on you when you are three.)

Your Country Crock tubs become serving bowls in which you will no doubt serve the future generation in.

And leftovers peas are frozen indefinitely until you a)  eat them or b) they fall out of the freezer in a random act of freak nature and break your little toe.

That’s how things normally go… living in the waiting –

Until a special occasion.

When you grow up where ends are just barely being met you’d think that would make life kind of sad and mundane but it’s actually quite the opposite. The living and loving with what you have makes those special occasions so extra special. It’s the one time your table is never bare and your eyes never go wanting. But if every day was a feast day…

It’d get boring.

Those cupcakes wouldn’t be special… the red cherry on top, suddenly ordinary.

The new dress would just be another item in your closet – not the thing you studied down the thread, wondering where it came from, who made it and what other little girls had ran their hands across the sleeves before ultimately choosing a dress of their own.

If our tables were always full we’d miss the intimate experience of waiting with God. We’d miss out on the chance to trust Him in the midst of our circumstances. We’d miss asking “Are we there yet?” We’d forget how many boiled peanut stands lined the way to the mountain top if we lived there all the time… and how boring would that be? We’d forget how nostalgic a slice of turkey tasted hot. We’d miss the journey of the waiting if we lived our life at the feast.



**** What are you believing God for?****

DAILY DARE: This, this right here… THIS is the waiting. But your feast is coming! Today live, just live right here, right now in the midst of whatever is on your table… ten minutes of thankfulness, ten minutes of complete listening to what God wants to say back. And then rest up for tomorrow because…  




3 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. You are truly blessed Brooke … yes I agree, things somehow seem to taste much better when the fridge/cupboard is nearly empty. Overabundance leads to overindulgence which leads to dissatisfaction and taking everything for granted. God bless dear friend.

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