Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life



Welcome to Day 24 (a wee bit late!)

Why are you afraid?

Four words spoken by a Jesus that was immovable.

As the angry seas enveloped big, burly men who were indeed quite good fishermen and even more at home at sea than on land…

They trembled with fear.

A fear that in fact was so deep and so moving that they ran down to wake a sleeping Jesus who seems all but indifferent.

“Jesus! You have to wake up! It’s awful!” The disciples called to a Lamb so worthy that even in a sea that Matthew could only describe as seimos – He was unshakable.

We use that word to this day, you know.

The seismograph is our modern world’s way of making sense out of earthquakes…

It is the place we turn when the ground beneath us shakes, when foundations we once thought firm are broke open, hot and messy, threatening to swallow us whole.

As their rickety little boat was bobbing in an ocean that shook so mightily these brave 12 trembled, they knew only one thing…

They needed their Jesus and they needed Him fast.

“Why are you afraid?” Jesus says.

It wasn’t the response they expected. They had hoped for sympathy. Yet as the seas trembled, they shook and as they shook… Jesus was unmoved.

The Bible only recounts two other uses of the word seimos…

The Hill of Calvary that marked the death of our Savior… and the gravesite of a risen Jesus whose stone was rolled away.

The shaking of our lives is all rolled up into a trinity of victory over sin, victory over death… victory over fear.

Is something in your life seimos right now? I don’t know about you but I want more unmovable in my life. I need more unshakable. I want to wake Him in the middle of the night to find even when I tremble He is not moved.

He has power over the storm. The winds and waves have to obey. He has power over the grave. The stone was rolled away. He has power over guilt and shame… our sins have been forgiven. Perhaps, the earth and seas became seimos because He wanted us to know that even when life shook us…

He was unshaken.

He was peace be still.

He is I AM and He IS risen…

God of what is, was and is to come…

Conqueror of the seimos.

Crown Him with many crowns… Our God is holy, good, just … and unshakable –

And we chosen few have been invited into His boat to witness it.

To feel the shake, to wake our Lord, to find that He is immoveable, to find that He is able…

To find He really, really IS I AM.

What a blessing it is to know the One who calms the seas. What a gift it is to know that even when we tremble, in spite of and maybe because of the seimos moments in our world, we have the sheer and utter satisfaction that there is no tempest that He cannot calm.


****Describe a time in your life when Jesus went to battle for you and made you brave.****

DAILY DARE: Pay close attention to shadows today. They cannot exist without the light and when they are confronted with it… they disappear. Think of how that relates to the seimos in your life today. Ask God to fill you with His light so you can stand firm against the shadows of life even when the earth trembles knowing your God is immovable.

2 thoughts on “Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  1. Brooke, this is such a powerful devotion/lesson. Thank you so much for sharing all about ‘seimos’ … it illuminates the verses so much. His immutability shines through. You are such a gifted writer …

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