Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life




Welcome to Day 25!

God is good all the time… 

All the time God is good. 

A preacher I once knew told me that – I’ll think you’ll find it true too.

There is never a time that God isn’t good. There is never a time that we have to doubt His steadfast love. No. Not. One.

Speaking of steadfast, if anyone ever was… it was Jesus.

Jesus Himself was a carpenter. He spent His professional life building up homes… He spent His purpose tearing down strongholds,standing up for the oppressed, nailing signs to the cornerstone of our faith saying “I AM” but most of all, He spent His life in the steadfast. He had a natural talent for building up the good and tearing down the not so good.

Building was crafted into the very being of the One who came to set the captive free.

Jesus warned us about building our hopes up in things that left us feeling strung along because it was only sinking sand. He whispered… I can give you so much more. 

The more you struggle against God the more your life becomes like quick sand. The more you try to escape His steadfast love, the deeper you sink into the kind of life the devil would love for you to have. But the truth is that God does not want that kind of life for you. God desires that we all live our life on the rock He built… the one that says “I AM. The First and the Last, Was, Is and Is to Come.” 

Jesus wants to be your much more today. He wants to show up for His people. He wants to help us turn quick sand into firm foundations. That requires we reach up not out. And God will always reach back. 

That’s something you can count on.

If God be for you, who can be against you? If you’ve built your life up on the rock…

He will not suffer the righteous to be moved. 

Don’t waste your life on things that leave you feeling empty, anxious or alone. Spend your life, instead, on the rock. 


DAILY DARE: Draw a picture of what you think a life built on the rock looks like. I think it looks a lot like Jesus. 



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