Your Call is Very Important to Us

Your call is very important to us. Please do not hang up. A representative will be on the line shortly. Ok. I can handle that. YOUR CURRENT WAIT TIME IS 3 hours and 42 minutes. K. Maybe I heard that wrong. I thought my call was important or something. Whatev’s. (Commence elevator music.) Wait, wait! […]

Inspiration Through a Mother’s Eyes: Who Inspires You?

Benji . . . Our youngest son. Our tiny somebody. A brilliant reminder of God’s grace. Before Benji came into the world they thought he’d be too small. I can still remember being rushed to the hospital after an ultrasound revealed that our nearly full term baby was barely 4 pounds, hardly moving. Prayers went […]

When the World Was Flat: Understanding the Warm Fuzzies of God’s Grace

When the world was flat . . . There were no grand adventures. Sailing too far meant falling off the face of the planet. Life as we knew it was confined to one humble piece of dirt. That was until adventurers such as Christopher Columbus and Magellan had the courage to challenge the idea that our […]