Sometimes I can’t help but notice…. God has been exceptionally good to me. I wanted to share this little photo of our Benji with you all. He’s almost swallowed whole by my hat and covered in a hot mess of pudding. If you look closely you will see my walls were also fed said pudding. […]

Hold Fast

“Stretch forth thy hand.” Luke 6:10 A pudgy round face sinks his curly brown hair into a pillow in the shape of a night owl. He needs to hold fast to his mama’s sweater sleeve. It’s the only way He can sleep. And as he drifts off to dream to a place where cotton candy […]

A Devotional in Pictures

  God doesn’t want you to spend your life with your feet on the ground – if you trust him with the scary thing – you’ll soar.    Take a look at your problems upside down – When you do they might look different.       Change might seem scary but it’s a vehicle […]

A Love Letter to My Little One

  Little one,           Full of grace,                    Child of my heart . . .                              Child of my Father.   When I look at you, I see everything that is good and holy. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh each handcrafted by heaven – What an amazing gift you are! When the world gets […]

When Life’s Undertow Comes . . . Walk on Water

  You rule the raging of the sea;when its waves rise, you still them. Psalm 89:9   It is a rainy afternoon. I think I could possibly fall over and land headfirst into the sink full of dirty dishes. The Wiggles have danced their Fruit Salad jig for the 15th time today and thanks to the […]