The Giving Tree

Selfless love… absolutely selfless. No bounds, no chains… Just the free-form standing branches of a tree that loved a boy. “Climb me” calls the tree, branches open, leaves like fingers. “Swing from my branches, boy. Be happy.” And the boy does. And the boy is. Time passes. The boy no longer interested in swinging from […]

A Hebrew Blessing Just for You… From Our House to Yours

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you,  and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you,  and give you peace.

A Love Letter to My Little One

  Little one,           Full of grace,                    Child of my heart . . .                              Child of my Father.   When I look at you, I see everything that is good and holy. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh each handcrafted by heaven – What an amazing gift you are! When the world gets […]

Six Books Coming to an iPad Near You :)

      What a wonderful summer treat for me! The wonderful folks at MeeGenius will be publishing six of my new titles just in time for three months of wonderful summer recess! 🙂 I hope you will all keep reading even when the school doors close. Read while you jump rope, read while you […]

Seek the Important Stuff – With Love, God

     “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”   Jeremiah 29:13 ESV     Daughter, My beloved, hunter of lost things,   Where’d you put the keys? Where is that wayward sippy cup – and the dinosaur he can’t live without?   It seems you are […]

Count Jackulla: Coming to an iPod, Nook or Kindle Near You This Fall

  Join MeeGenius and I this October for an exclusive partnership and some pumpkin-time-fun with a pumpkin-sized-purpose!  When Jack and his family move to suburbia he just wants to fit in . . . but let’s face it – a little vampire waltzing into second grade just flat out stirs things up! The more Jack […]