Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  Welcome to Day 24 (a wee bit late!) Why are you afraid? Four words spoken by a Jesus that was immovable. As the angry seas enveloped big, burly men who were indeed quite good fishermen and even more at home at sea than on land… They trembled with fear. A fear that in fact […]

Praying for China: Accessing Too Much Tragedy

Too much tragedy in not enough time. Hug your babies. Kiss your husband. Snuggle into the presence of God for a while.   China . . . we are praying for you. Those who have gone on are found and restored, safe in the arms of Jesus. May your missing and injured be found and restored […]

Ignorance in the Wake of Tragedy

Am I the only one frustrated with the comments they have been reading on the latest tragedies? Things like . . . “Iran earthquake God’s response to Boston bombing.” These kind of comments are just as hurtful as those horrible signs people misguidedly hold up next to establishments, happenings, celebrations where people are hurting the most. I […]