Sometimes I can’t help but notice…. God has been exceptionally good to me. I wanted to share this little photo of our Benji with you all. He’s almost swallowed whole by my hat and covered in a hot mess of pudding. If you look closely you will see my walls were also fed said pudding. […]

Join Me at the Cafe Today!

  Come have “coffee” (that’s code word for chocolate cake and Dr. Pepper for breakfast 🙂 with the girls and me at the Internet Cafe. Come in your nightgown and miss-matched socks. Come in your pre-makeup face. Leave refreshed! While you are here don’t forget to check out the other great girls on today. Angie […]

Spiritual Makeovers: But Cher!

  “Cher, I don’t want to do this anymore . . . and my buns, they don’t feel nuthin’ like steel!” You 90’s girls may recognize that as a quote from one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies . . . CLUELESS. Aside from the teenage mellow-drama, weird clothing, feather pens (you remember those) and […]

To: You Love: Jesus

  Savior, Redeemer, Almighty, God – I AM. But of all the things I AM . . . I am also your friend. I know you work and you reason to figure out the things in your life that just don’t seem to “fit”. And I want you to know that I understand. Life doesn’t […]

Are Your Problems Bigger than You?

You probably just said a resounding “YES!” inside your head. If you screamed it at the screen . . . then you found this message just in time. 🙂  So I have one more question for you. It is the same one that the Lord asked Sarah after she was told she would have a […]

Who Are You Looking To?

Have you ever noticed when a baby falls the first thing he does isn’t cry? The first thing he does is look around. Why? He is looking to his grownups for their reaction. If we scream oh-my-goodness baby will completely freak out right along with us. But if we stay calm many times they will […]

10,000 Reasons: A God of SO. MUCH. MORE.

When the day has been too long and I just can’t wrap my head around my once normal world now anything but . . . I sometimes can’t help but turn to God and wonder “why”. But every time I hear this song the disarray of my life makes sense, the beauty of the broken […]