Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  Welcome to Day 10! I want to start today off with a BIG thank you. Thank you for letting me be a small, small part of this radical journey you are on. From day one, it’s been clear that this thing doesn’t belong to me… it belongs to US. Together we are growing, changing and […]

Daily Dare: 40 Days to a Radical Life

  For the next 40 days, Grace Alone is going RED. I hope that you will all join me as we embark upon something that I truly believe will challenge you and change you. Through these 40 days, I will be asking you to dive deeper into your relationship with Jesus with dares that are […]

I’ve Offically Climbed Out From Under My Rock

Yes… you read that right. I’ve officially joined the world of pinning. I’d love to connect with all of you on Pinterest and get to know more about what you love, who you love and what makes your life spectacular. Click the photo to be transported through the space time continuum… just kidding. 🙂 You’ll […]

Way Up High

The Bible talks so much about the birds of the air. I never really understood the significance of that until I was diagnosed with MS a few years back. When you are on that wobbly ledge you can’t get off of, you learn there’s only one way down. And that’s when your flying wings come […]