When Life’s Undertow Comes . . . Walk on Water

  You rule the raging of the sea;when its waves rise, you still them. Psalm 89:9   It is a rainy afternoon. I think I could possibly fall over and land headfirst into the sink full of dirty dishes. The Wiggles have danced their Fruit Salad jig for the 15th time today and thanks to the […]

Fight or Flight: Learning to Fly

Right before a butterfly emerges from her cocoon . . . she is in the fight of her life. The struggle to break free, to breathe, becomes so strong that it overtakes her. She thrashes her thin wings against the hard-to-budge home she’s created and suddenly her safety zone has become ground zero. I wonder […]

Notes from God for A Woman’s Heart

An excerpt fromNotes from God for a Woman’s Heart , I am so excited to partner with the wonderful people at Warner Press once again. From their Care & Share the Heart of God line, these ministry booklets are going to not only offer an encouraging word but also make that encouragement affordable for almost everyone. Never […]